Back in the time of scouts…

Were you a scout during your youth? I weren’t, but I compensated by spending a lot of time outdoors with my friends and family. I felt like that again last week when we spent entire days exploring the area on our bikes and on foot. We’d get up early every day, spend the day outside and fall into our beds every night just after sunset…

One day we made a 50 km tour to a city nearby, Landsberg. We forgot to take the camera, so unfortunately there are no pictures. These two I’ve got from the Internet, to give you an idea of what the city looks like:

The town’s history goes back into the Medieval ages when the bridge going over River Lech was one of the few points to get over the river in the East-West direction. This left Landsberg a rather rich city.

Unfortunately, the town is also famous for another, rather sad event in history, because the city prison was where Hitler was incarcerated in the 1920s.

Today, it’s a tourist attraction mainly for its beautiful city centre and a point of interest for many bikers touring the area.

If you ever are in Bavaria and have half a day left you should go there and stroll through the city and along river Lech’s shores. It will feel like you are in Italy!


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