I solemnly swear…

… to tell nothing but the truth.

I’m not the person to watch all those crime shows that are on tv. There’s too much suspense for me. So the closest IIve come to Police cars in the past was when they pass me on the street. Until yesterday.

Yesterday I was at a Police station for the first time in my life. I wasn’t terrified, but I was a little nervous.

It wasn’t a big deal. I witnessed a car accident some weeks ago and now they needed eye-witnesses to find out who drove the car. As it seems there are contradictory testimonies.

So, last night, I went to give my evidence. To get into the station was the first hurdle. They are better safeguarded than a bank – barricaded one could say. You have to ring a bell and then you’re asked why you’re here. I was let in into a foyer-like area where I had to wait at another door to be let in. And there’s video-supervision everywhere. VERY intimidating, I have to say.

I was let in by a female officer and led to a desk. After showing my identification the questioning started.

If I could remember the time when the accident happened? Uhm – well some time around noon.

Ok, but I could remember the date and the day? No. I couldn’t, to be honest. I know that this was the only accident I’ve registered as eye-witness for. And the accident happened on the first week I was living here. Of course, I didn’t tell her this and fortunately, she immediately told me the date and day so I just had to nod my head.

Where had I been when the accident happened? Somewhere in the apartment. I just heard the noise and went to the window to see what had happened…

It went on like this. I’m honest, my memory isn’t the best. I normally forget everything within the minute it happens. Except for telephone numbers and shopping lists. And I’m pretty good at memorizing poems. However, back to the story. By the time she was finished asking questions I felt like I’d been in a roller coaster.  I was finished. And then she told me I should write down what I’d witnessed, because it might be that they need me for the hearing – which won’t be before Spring next year. HELLO? I’ve got to remember something for 9 months? Great. I’ll be writing everything down immediately and if they really need me, I’m going to read this to them. But now I know, why people are so hestitant here in Germany when it comes to registering as an eye-witness. You feel like you committed the crime…

Have you ever been eye-witness to an accident or anything else?


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