Interior Design – Living Space

I know, I know, I still owe you the after-pictures of the apartment. But be patient, not everything is finished yet, so posts will be coming one after the other.

The room that’s basically finished and up for presentation is the living room/dining area. As you might remember, I took some pictures right before we moved in.

Though the room is quite big I wanted to make it cozy and comfortable – a room where I’d like to spend my time in to relax, sit down and read a book or have dinner with family and friends.

The walls were originally painted white, but as we were getting some white furniture I guessed this would make the room a tad bit boring, so I decided to add some color, going for an ocean-summer theme with some oriental touch.

Now when you enter the room this is the view:

Not very ocean-like, I know ;-). But it looks cozy. We opted for this L-shaped sofa, because it can be turned into a bed, which comes very handy, when you have guests. And I adore the rug. We found it at IKEA and I fell immediately in love. It’s wonderfully soft and keeps your feet warm in the evening. And the space in front of the sofa is still big enough for me to practice Yoga.

The dining  area (wich you see part of on the right) can still basically be described as useful. Nothing more. We’ll get another table this fall and want to wait until then before we’ll do any decorating. But I’ll show you the luster that’s hanging there.

Also an IKEA find. It’s a combination of electricity and candles. The 5 white bowls are the light bulbs and you can see the candle holders in between. I can’t wait to put some candles up. Which color do you think would fit best?

And then, in front of the sofa we have the entertainment area – my favorite design pattern:

Again, the furniture is IKEA. And, in my opinion, the blue wall goes wonderfully with the white furniture. The blue reminds me so much of the ocean and the floor almost has the color of sand… Definitely my favorite part of the apartment.

For the curtains I chose a multi-color oriental-inspired fabric. It adds some more color, but isn’t just blue. And it has another big plus: whenever I get tired of blue I can just paint the wall in a different color.

So, what we’re doing in the evening, when it gets dark and cold outside? Cuddle up, light some candles and enjoy the sunset and a glass of champagne (yes, in wine glasses, we found out we don’t have any champagne glasses).


2 thoughts on “Interior Design – Living Space

  1. It’s actually made of 4 pieces: the TV stand, the bookshelf and the two cupboards on the sides. You can fix the bookshelf to the cupboards and don’t need to make any holes into the wall and consequently it looks like one piece…

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