I’m baaaack

Man, how did we survive in the nineties, before Internet? I should remember, I grew up back then, but the human memory seems to be neglective (or at least mine is ;-)). But finally I’m back. Thanks guys from our Internet and Telephone company for giving civilization back to us… Google Reader says I’ve got 1000+ missed articles, but I have  as much most of the time, so I wonder how many there really is that I still have to catch up on…

And I’ve got a lot on my mind now! Of course, I still have to show you the photos of our finished and furnished apartment. And while we were offline, we had lots of time to explore our surroundings. So be prepared for some stories.

And, finally, can you imagine I missed my first blogging anniversary?! Yes, four days ago last year I went online and started this blog. Wow. I was overwhelmed by the response and the size of the blogosphere. There have been so many people I’ve met during this time.


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