Defining a style

It was clear from the beginning that we would have to go with a low budget to furnish our apartment taking some stuff from our rooms and buying the other essentials. We took a stroll throughout furniture stores more than once, before deciding what we would get.

The rooms were painted white and we thought we’d leave it like that for the beginning, except for the living room where I wanted some color. So we worked on some color/design/furniture scheme we would have for every room.

For the kitchen and the study I don’t have any pictures yet, except for the before pictures of the empty rooms. The kitchen will pretty much stay as it is for a start, because we don’t need anything extra there.

And the study is being pretty much neglected for the moment, because we already own most of the stuff that’ll go there, like the desks and shelves. I wanted to put up my snowboard for decoration there, but I understand that my boyfriend didn’t want it. That’s ok. I’ll come up with something else…

For the bedroom we opted for some nice IKEA furniture. We had originally wanted all the stuff in white, but when we walked across the red dresser we immediately decided to get this. The same happened when we saw the dark bed. We still haven’t decided on the curtains, but I suppose they’re going to be something like red/white matching the rest of the furniture.

For the living room I wanted a bit more color, as I’ve said before. Some time during the process I came up with the blue and so we decided to get the wall behind the white cupboards painted. We’re now also thinking about painting some ornaments on the opposite wall, but we haven’t decided on that yet. My favorite object in this room is clearly the carpet. It’s so colorful and lovely…

As for the curtains in all the rooms, we were at a store last week to select what we wanted. We found really nice stuff, but there was a BIG problem. Only the curtains for the bedroom and living room would have cost us 1300€, that’s about $1000. Hello there? We just left the store and decided to wait until we found something affordable…


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