Decisions, decisions…

I suppose I’ll be too busy this week for real blogging, so I’m having some scheduled posts for you who will all evolve around the one thing that’s consuming all my mind at the moment: moving.

My boyfriend and I knew that we were going to move since June, but thought we had lots of time left to organise everything. Now, some many weeks later we find ourselves in the middle of pure chaos and tons of undecided things. Many of them are quite unimportant, like “do we need a dishwasher?” (still considered a luxury here in Germany) or “which kitchen aid are we going to buy?”, however there are about the same amount of important things that had been cleared rather yesterday…

So far, we know the size of the rooms and have been able to choose the design and thus the furniture. We’ll take some things from our old rooms and will purchase the rest. Fortunately there was already a kitchen in the apartment that we were able to keep (also not a matter of course). The apartment has three rooms, one bathroom, powder room and kitchen. We’ll use one of the rooms as bedroom and the other two as living room/dining room and study, respectively. For only two people living in the apartment the size is really luxurious. We also got two balconies, which I think is just perfect, because I love to do everything outdoors.

It’s a East-West direction, so we’ll get morning sun in the bedroom and kitchen and afternoon/evening sun in the study and living room. This is a typical design for an apartmen in Germany. We don’t have the vast kitchen/dining room/living room combination that’s popular in the US. Normally you’ll always have the kitchen as an individual room. We were also lucky to find a bathroom where you can put the washing machine. A big plus on our hunt for the “perfect” flat.

When we told our family and friends that we were moving they were surprised by the size. But we just think it’s a perfect fit.

What size is the apartment you’re living in? Do you think it’s appropriate or too small or too big?


2 thoughts on “Decisions, decisions…

  1. my apartment is 900 square feet, it has two bedrooms, one bathroom, a tiny kitchen (no dishwasher or microwave) and a living room. my husband and i are raising his 14 year old son and when we first moved in three years ago, it was not too small, just right actually. but the 14 year old is growing…A LOT and the apartment has becoming smaller and smaller as the days go by! Good luck with your move!

  2. I’m lucky my move is into my future husband’s house. The only bad thing is…..I pretty much need to get rid of everything from mine. I don’t envy your search, it really is hard to decide all those things.

    Just know it will all work out! No stress. 🙂

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