All my bags are packed…

I’m sure you all know the song by John Denver…

As I’m sitting here in my empty room writing this post the song is playing in my head… I’m normally not a sentimental person, but I guess moving out of your childhood home is quite a step.

I’ve been away from home more than once in my 25 years, even for some months, but I knew I’d always come back. This time it’s different. I know that the next time I’ll come again (or perhaps the next time after next ;-)) the room will serve a different purpose. It will be painted in a different color and won’t look like my room any more.

I suppose that’s ok. I have already tons of new plans for the new apartment and I can’t wait to finally start my new life together with my boyfriend.

So here’s to the good old times and because I just LOVE the song: John Denver “Leaving on a jet plane”


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