I L O V E PhotoShop

Two weeks ago, we had a veteran/vintage car race in our town. I had never been to such an event before and I was sooo exited. We got up at 6 on a Sunday morning – yes take that in: 6 in the morning. After a quick breakfast we headed to the local mall were all the cars were starting. from. And it was really worth it. There were over 200 cars ranging from one of BMWs first cars, to big US cars, to convertibles from the 90s. I took more than 200 photos.

And that’s where Photoshop enters stage. We got the new PhotoShop edition just about at the same time and I had longed to try some of its features. And it’s just great. Thoug I didn’t get to try many of the new features I tried the new old menu. It’s easy to work with and works really quick. Here are some of the pictures I took, some edited, some in their original form:

Old Trabant, car from the former Eastern Germany. Waiting times for these were several years.

Don’t these cars look super cute with the suitcases? I’d love to have the one in the front.

Can you feel the speed?

Long live the Queen…

One of my favorite pictures. I love the lashes!


Another favorite. I love the b/w and color combination…don’t you think it’s great?

And lastly, American Glory!

If you klick on the photos you’ll get to my flickr account where you can download the pictures in high res. Fell free to do so!


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