Basic Breakfast Potatoes a la PW

This week while I was “hunting” for lunch my eyes happened to come across PW’s cooking-book. I remembered having read just some days ago a recipe about Potatoes I took the book and scrolled through it. Originally this was registered as “Breakfast” recipe, but I suppose it works for lunch as well. So here’s my version of Pioneer Women’s Basic Breakfast Lunch Potatoes. You’ll get to the original recipe klicking on the link before.

I forgot to cook the potatoes before so in a lack of time I just diced them and put them directly into the skillet.

Have I ever told you about this great slicing/dicing machine at my mom’s house? It’s just great. If you ever start working with this, you’ll never want anything else. It got this cutting square with a transparent little plastic lid/box on top. You simply cut the veggie/fruit you want to dice into halves or quarters (depending on the size), put it into the machine and push down the upper shell. And tada! You get perfectly sized dices.

So, bow back to the potatoes. After slicing them I put some oil into the skillet and afterwards the potatoes. As I said, I hadn’t cooked them before so I had to wait a little longer for them to get ready.

As reccomendated I put some flour over the potatoes to make them nice and crispy on the outside. Turned out it was true. They tasted like heaven! Just five minutes before they were ready I put some butter into the skillet which also added to the flavor. Then I put some flavor on the potatoes with seasoned salt, pepper and some caraway.

Here’s the result. PW’s original and my version:


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