Summer Soul Food

It’s been hot here lately. And when I say hot, I mean HOT! So what to eat on such a day? There’s nothing better than a nice summer salad for lunch or dinner. It’s a Bavarian speciality.

You’ll need cucumber, gherkins, tomatoes, carrots, onion, some sausages or meat loaf (I use a Bavarian type called “Leberkäse”, a kind of meat loaf) and some cheese, like Edamer cheese. Select about the same amout of each.

Take all the ingredients and chop into small dice. I used the Genius cutter and it really is a genius. It’ll take a minimum of time to cut all the stuff.

Put them all in a bowl and mix together, season with salt, pepper, vinegar and olive oil.

Enjoy with some whole grain bread or any other bread and butter. It’s just one of the best summer recipes I know!


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