Too hot to blog?

Those of you who’re living South of the 45° latitude or south of the line Washington DC- San Francisco will laugh at me, but around the area where I live we’re not THAT accustomed to temperature like this:

Yes, at six thirty in the evening we’re having 46°C which is around 100°F. And there’s no change in sight. But we try to be thankful, making as much of this weather as possible going swimming, eating ice cream and enjoying cold drinks…

Happy Wednesday!


5 thoughts on “Too hot to blog?

  1. yes that temperature is too hot for me weather and all i want to do is stick my head in the freezer and pray for rain and October, all at the same time!

  2. It took me way too long to realize that reading was in degrees Celsius. My dad has one of those things that shows a man wearing the amount of clothing necessary for that day. It’s pretty funny.

  3. Of course in Texas, that’s regular summer. I think the difference is, we have A/C and you don’t? If I had no A/C, I would definitely die sleeping in those temps. Get some ice in front if a fan. 🙂

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