All good things come to an end

I don’ know if you’ve noticed, but I’ve been using a lot of song lyrics for my headlines. I didn’t notice until today, but the randomness aside. I wanted to make a wrap-up of these last four crazy weeks of Soccer World Cup. I promise, it’s the last soccer post and I’ll be back to normal posts this week. I tried to sneak in some non-soccer themed posts these last weeks, too, but I guess I failed poorly.

Anyways: Unfortunately, we (as I mean in “the German National Team”) didn’t win the cup.

But I may say that we played the later winner: Spain. And it took them a long time to score a goal and they only won by 1 goal. But, I have to acknowledge, too, the Spanish were the better team. They were just a tad faster, more secure with the ball, etc. I suppose they earn their victory, because they have been the dominating team for the last 3 years, including their win of the Eurpean Championship in 2008.

All in all it was a nice Cup. It was totally different from 4 years ago when the tournament took place in Germany, but I suppose that’s normal. On the other hand it was just like 4 years ago with all the public showings in the cities, the flags everywhere and the festive atmosphere. I can’t say anything about the atmosphere in South Africa, but from the pictures we got here it was preety good, too. I have to admit at this point that I was surprised by the fact that it was winter there and that the temparatures seemed to be quite low. Lots of players were wearing long-sleeved shirts. I guess it was just a bit naive to assume that it “was hot there, because it’s always hot in Africa”.

The “dominating” topic this last week here in Germany was octopus Paul who predicted the Spanish win over Germany. As we are deeply superstitious 😉 we threatened to make fried calamari if he was right. Of course, he was right, but as far as I know he’s still enjoying his happily ever after. I suppose what saved him, was the prediction of Germany winning, at least the small final for third place:

I was also surprised by some of  the teams who made it to second round. There were some candidates nobody counted in, like Uruguay or Paraguay. Other teams, like the Brazilian, French or Italian team were really disappointing, because they lacked animation and motivation.

At the moment, there’s this big emptiness. It feels a bit like the family who was visiting just drove away. It’s normal I know and I’ve already got plenty of stuff waiting in line to take my life over. I hope you enjoyed this special feature and got to experience a bit the spirit of soccer. Thanks for following along.

Have a most wonderful soccer-free week…


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