I can’t take it anymore

While I’m writing this post the German National Team is playing Argentina in the Quarter Finals. From what I hear from the living room our team is winning. When I left, the score was 1-0 for Germany. But I couldn’t stand it any longer. The suspense was too much – more than watching a Horror movie.

1 – 0

Thomas Müller scored the first goal after only 3 minutes. What a beginning.

Then there was nothing for 60 minutes. A whole hour of suspense, trembling, fight.

2 – 0

Minute 68. Germany’s best player: Miroslav Klose

3 – 0

Minute 74. Funnily Arne Friedrich, who normally plays defender was in front of the goal. Now it was almost clear that Germany would win and continue to the Half Finals.

4 – 0

Minute 88. Just 2 minutes before the end of the game Miroslav Klose scored the 14th goal of his career.

Now we’re patiently waiting for the next match… Time to recharge batteries…


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