I’m almost back… big news involved

My Google Reader says I’ve got about 1000+ missed posts… I guess it’s more to 2000 than 1000… and still going up.

Yes, I’ve been awfully neglecting all of you, but I can tell you why:

First, of course, the World Cup’s still running and Germany made it to the Quarter Finals (games will be held today and tomorrow). So tomorrow at 4 o’clock (CET) we’ll be facing Argentina – another classic. We played them 4 years ago and won after penalty shooting. I really hope it won’t come as far this time. So Go Germany!

This is actually what it looks like when Germany’s playing:

We’re having public viewing at many places, bars etc… It’s just great…

Another reason why I’ve been MIA is the fact that exams are aproaching way TO FAST. I have 28 days left, until exams start and sometimes I feel like I’m totally unprepared. So I’m spending a lot of time behind my desk, studying…

If I’m not studying, I try to make as much out of this:

Yes, finally, after waiting way to long the sun has come back and it’s wonderfully warm. And I just love taking long walks with my dog in the morning and enjoying the warm breeze in the evening… Aaaah it’s wonderful to have summer back.

Lastly, I’ve big news: We found an apartment. It’s perfect. I’m gonna make another post to tell you all about it. But we’ve been searching a lot these past few weeks, looking at flats almost every night (also a reason for the no-posting…). So, now that we’ve found something we’re in the middle of preparation for our move in August…

What have you been up to lately? Any big news ;-)?


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