Don’t leave me… aaaaah

Sorry this is getting into a soccer blog. I promise I’ll be back to normal posts in July. But at the moment, everything evolves around the matches. The whole day is scheduled according to the matches…

Yesterday marked the last day of the group matches. I can’t believe the Cup’s already been going for 2 weeks now… There are only another 2 weeks left. Nooooo! What am I gonna do afterwards? I guess I’ll find enough things ūüėČ

So far so good. Here are the 16 teams that made it into second stage:

From group A and B these will be playing today to get to the Quarter Finals:

Uruguay РSouth Korea and Mexico РArgentina

From Groups C and D, playing on Sunday, there are:

USA – Ghana and Germany – England

Germany – England is one of “the classical” matches which is much anticipated and accompanied by many “animosities”:

From Groups E and F which will be playing on Monday the combinations are:

Netherlands – Slovakia and Paraguay and Japan

The Japanese played really good this year and gave their group a hard time…

And last, but not least, the last two groups are on fire:

Brazil РChile and Spain РPortugal

I’m sure Chile will give Brazil a really hard time. They played like hell against Spain yesterday. The other match will be completely Iberian. Spain, though European Champion had a hard time in their group. Portugal however did splendid in the “death group” with Brazil…


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