Hey, just give me a name…

Can you imagine? There’s a wordpress theme that has my name! Yes, I couldn’t believe it when I just read it… Incredible!

And it’s just so typically me… blue.

I had to try it out. Do you like it? Or did you prefer the design I had before?

There are so many options to choose from and change the design… So don’t be surprised if the look will change a few times over the weekend…

See you around!


2 thoughts on “Hey, just give me a name…

  1. I like the color scheme of this layout, but I am not a big fan of white font on dark background and I prefer the column width a tad smaller. I don’t like when my eyes have to go halfway across the screen…

    but that’s just me 😉

  2. that’s so cute you found a theme with your name. I must agree though with San and the white font on a dark background is hard on the eyes and not as clean looking.

    having fun watching the World Cup? hehe you know I am – will post another Hump Day Hunks soon world cup edition =D

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