Hot, Hotter, Soccer – Part 2

Cesc Fàbregas – another cutie, playing for the Spanish National Team.


Steven Gerrard – Player for the English National Team. He’s been playing in the National Team for quite some years now, but never won anything with them.

Theo Walcott – Striker for the National Team of England.

Fabio Cannavaro – Playing for the Italian National Team. I don’t like him very much, but this might be for sportive reasons (Italy kicked the German Team out in the half-finals in the World Cup in 2006).

I suppose these are enough reasons to join our men and watch the matches, don’t you think? I have a couple of other posts in the line with the timetable of the matches and to keep you updated throughout the tournament… Make sure to come back.


2 thoughts on “Hot, Hotter, Soccer – Part 2

  1. deiala!! thanks so much for featuring this – i’m getting ready to do hump day hunks part 2 of world cup hottness and this will help me a lot.

    are you getting excited for it? i wish I could be in europe at the time – that would be amazing.

  2. you’re welcom! I’ll head over to your blog to see which guys you chose!

    I can’t wait for the Cup to start at the end of this week! I’ll watch pretty much every game… hopefully without totally neglecting this blog 😉

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