Hot, Hotter, Soccer

The Soccer Championship is just around the corner… Yay. And what’s the most important thing apart from who’s gonna win the contest? Of course, whom we will see… So, today’s post is dedicated to this year’s hottest hotties!

Lukas Podolski – German National Player. He’s playing striker – the guy responsible for the goals…

Cristiano Ronaldo – National Player for Portugal. He is the most valuable player on the international market with 1 billion Euros. He’s also famous for his sixpack. Understandably…

Thierry Henry – French National Player. You might know this guy from an advertisement by Gilette where he stars together with Tiger Woods and Roger Federer.

Kakà – National Player for Brazil. He’s playing mid-field and is one of the best players on this position at the moment.

David Villa – National Player for Spain. In my opinion, he’s a real cutie… And he won the European Soccer Contest in 2008 with Spain.

Who’s your favorite? Anyone else you would’ve chosen? Come back on Friday to see who else is on the list…


7 thoughts on “Hot, Hotter, Soccer

  1. I think that Michael Ballack is hotter than Podolski… but then again, I would have liked to see Thorsten Frings play for the German team.

  2. Feel free to look at these 😉 There’s another post waiting to come online later today…

    I know that this is a personal selection and I concentrated on players who are actually going to be in the World Cup. Therefore no Ballack

  3. i wouldn’t have believed that poldi could actually look like this 🙂

    to add i would have named ballack and beckham (i hope you are proud of me by burying old beckham-animosities 🙂 ) but sadly both of them will not be there at the world cup thanks to unmeritied bad luck 😦

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