Tuesdays around the world – Today…

… I’m urging for colors. It’s been cloudy and rainy for most parts of last weekend and the forecast for this week isn’t any better either.

What are you about for today? Head over to communal global and take part in their Tuesdays around the world theme…


9 thoughts on “Tuesdays around the world – Today…

  1. Love that picture make your own rainbow! Perfect! It is gorgeous today in my part of Germany…finally the rain has stopped! Have a great day!

  2. What a wonderful picture! Prettiest rainbow I’ve seen for a long time :D…I know what you mean about missing colour…we had a really long grey and colourless spring, that is FINALLY starting to turn green and colourful!

    Happy Today!

  3. I feel your pain..it’s been raining on and off and then the grey never seems to want to go away! This week is supposed to be sunny and warm..Im still waiting 😦

  4. Good post! When the whole world is gray I love color too! You did a great job finding some very pretty colors right in your kitchen. Kaish likes that kind of cereal because it makes his milk turn fun colors!

  5. A cereal rainbow! How sweet. I serve cereal a few times a month to children in a feeding project that my church supports. Usually I buy low sugar, bland cereal. Yesterday, I could not resist, and purchased a bit of cereal with color and probably loads of sugar. But the kids will enjoy it.

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