… and the end of the story.

You might remember my post from (shame on me) somewhat 2 weeks ago after the apartment we were going to look at. Well, first of all, we didn’t get it. BUT, we’re not sorry about it either.

The flat as itself was wonderful. Just as I had said, perfect room size, full of light, great kitchen for long cooking sessions, wonderful balcony. However, everything was in a state of mess and not very well looked after. Although there were still people living in the apartment we were allowed to walk in with our shoes (a huge no-go here in Germany). In the sleeping rooms there were cobwebs hanging on the ceiling, additonally there were stains on the carpet.  The living room was a bit of a chaos. And the well-equipped kitchen looked like a party had taken place the night before. The bathroom also was untidy and seams (do you say seams? I mean the space between the tiles) looked as if they had been refreshed just recently (perhaps due to mold that they didn’t want to show to future renters).

But the worst of all was the smell all over the flat. An intense smell that reminded me of cats. Don’t understand me wrong. I don’t have anything against cats. They’re wonderful animals. It just reminded me of that. And though all windows were open it was just too intense for being normal…

All in all, we weren’t too sad when the call came to tell us we didn’t get the apartment. I suppose it saved us a lot of energy and problems. Since then we’ve looked at a couple of other apartments (including another one where a cat was living, but you wouldn’t be able to tell except for the toys…). They were really nice and if they’ll be still on the market by September, I think we’ll have another look…

So much on the housing front. But while I’m at it. Do you have any tipps what we should special attention to? Anything you’ve experienced in the past?

Thanks for your comments and Happy Weekend!


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