Hot Chocolate

Some weeks ago I was jubilant. It was getting warmer and spring seemed just around the corner…

But sadly enough this is what we’ve been facing since May arrived:

This calls for one thing: HOT CHOCOLATE!

I had some leftover dark chocolate from baking which I used. While I waited for the milk to warm up I grated the chocolate with a big knife. Of course, you can also take cocoa, but from time to time I prefer the “hard” handmade way…

Add the chocolate to the milk and wait for it to dissolve. This can take quite a while depending on how chocolaty you like it…

When everything’s ready get your favorite cup and voilà:

You can also add flavors, like mint, chili or anything you like…



One thought on “Hot Chocolate

  1. I hear ya! It snowed two weeks ago here. I mean, when does spring start?! I am sick of the cold weather but as long as we have hot chocolate I can deal with it. I am a HUGE hot chocolate fan! If you ever come my way, lets meet up for a nice cup of hot chocolate no matter what season.

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