Sampoorna Yoga

That’s it. Not like in “That’s the end”, no, more like “That’s the new beginning”. I officialy applied for becoming a Yoga Teacher. I’ve been contemplaiting taking this path for several months and I never was sure, but with the end of my university degree getting nearer I thought this would be the perfect moment…

… to reward myself for what I have achieved.

… to get a firm balance for my future life which will see many changes and a lot of new beginnings.

… just because.

Ever since I first heard about Yoga from Richard Hittleman’s 28-days plan I have felt attracted. First, it was mainly the ballet style and the fact that you didn’t feel the effort while doing the excercises. Later on, I also noticed that it helped to keep my mind relaxed.

So, about a year ago I started a new Yoga class. The style is called Sampoorna Yoga – the Yoga of fullness. This means basically that you train not only your body, but also the spirit in order to put all parts of the body (physically and psychically) into balance.

I was sceptical at the beginning, whether I’d really like this form of Yoga, but I have to say that I’m really enjoying it. So I’ll be flying over the great pond to Florida for 2 weeks to get trained as Sampoorna Yoga Teacher. This will only be the first part. I’ll have to do another 3 weeks in summer, but I think it’s great to try it.

Of course, I’ll continue my business carreer, but I enjoy Yoga so much that I’d love to teach it as a second job, only one or two hours a week. Have you ever tried Yoga? Do you know what kind? Did you like it?


One thought on “Sampoorna Yoga

  1. That’s great! I’ve only done yoga to videos and dvds but I’ve always known I should do it forreal. Good for you starting something great like that!

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