When you didn’t watch Sesame Street…

This very last Tuesday I took part in Ten on Tuesday which is hosted every week by Chelsea over at Roots and Rings. One of this week’s questions was : Which Character on Sesame Street do you identify most with? I had to pass on this one, because, yeah well, I didn’t watch Sesame Street when I was a kid. Shame on me 😉 I don’t know why I didn’t watch it. Perhaps one of the reasons is that I didn’t watch a lot of TV in general. But I did watch TV, so here’s a collection of what I watched. I’ve also searched for some videos  to give you a further impression. If you klick on the shows’ title you’ll get to Wikipedia to find out more… And now enjoy the tour through German tv…

Augsburger Puppenkiste

You might know this show. It’s a collection of children’s stories. Mostly the stories are divided into 4 episodes each half an hour long. It’s a puppet show. Originally one could only see them live in theatre (which is located in my hometown), but they started airing them on tv in the 70s and they’re really popular here in Germany. I’ve searched for a trailer, but couldn’t find one in English. So here’s a short sequence of one of the shows (called Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver)

Sendung mit der Maus

“The programme with the mouse” – This is a show very similar to Sesame Street and is the most popular children’s tv show in Germany. It also lasts only half an hour and was/is aired on Sundays. It’s a combination of short stories, sequences with the mouse and her friends: the elephant and the duck and short documentations on everyday life, etc. The videos below show some of the short animations with the mouse and her friends and the intro melody to the first episode aired in 1971.


“Dandelion” – this was somewhat the competition of the Sendung mit der Maus aired by another channel. However it was more dedicated on “education” meaning that they would dedicate every show to a certain topic and then dive deeper into how things work, explaining everything from technology, industry and nature. Below you can see the intro for this show.


“Little Sandman” – This was a really short show, only 15 minutes that was aired every evening to greet the children and send them to bed. There were originally two versions, during the area of the Cold War, one for West Germany and one for East German. After the reunification the Sandman from East Germany “survived” and now greets all of Germany every evening. Every evening it show small sequences of what the Sandman is doing, e.g. taking a walk in the forest and greeting the animals living there or another time he traveled to the moon… Below you can hear the intro.

Of course, there was also a German version of Sesame Street, but as said before I didn’t watch it. But you see, even if we didn’t watch Sesame Street there was a vast collection of other shows to watch… What else did you see besides Sesame Street?


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