A clockwork orange

I don’t know if you read “A clockwork orange” in school or college or happened to watch the movie. I came across the book some years ago during a search for movies. My boyfriend recommended the movie, obviously not for its entertainment, but because of the fact that I like “educational” movies and stuff.

We didn’t get to watch the movie back then. Don’t ask me why, but we didn’t. However, the title stuck in my head and when I read it on the TIME 100 Books of a lifetime list I immediately added it. (You might recall that post).

So, for Easter, my mom got me some books. That’s like a tradition. We get small stuff, like books or a CD for Easter, instead of the tons of chocolate eggs… And one of the books was “A clockwork orange”.

It’s been a good and a really quick read. Well, with 147 pages the book isn’t that big, of course. I have to say that I’d definitely put it on the X-rated list. No fears! I won’t put any of this content here!

First of all, the language used is clearly street languages containing a lot of insults. Then, it’s the plot. It’s about a boy of 16 (at the beginning of the story) who is involved in all kinds of criminal acts. One day he’s arrested by the police and sentenced to more than 10 years in prison. After having spent 2 years there he gets the chance to get free again by taking part in a “correction programme”.  Of course, he takes part and is turned into a “rightful” citizen within 14 days. He will become sick whenever thinking or seeing any kind of criminal act and violence. Even the thought of killing a fly makes him highly sick. However, the techinques applied to make him “good” again are debatable.

He’s released back into life, but finds himself harrased by victims from earlier times and even his parents won’t accept him back. In the end he’s found by a group of people who fight against this project. They drive him to try to commit suicide so they can proove that the project doesn’t make people good, but drives them insane.

In the end he’s cured from this “being good” and tries to become the “bad villain” he was before, but finally turns good all by his own will, because he realizes that crime and violence cannot be accepted.

If you liked Orwell’s 1984 then this book would be right to read. It’s not entertaining or a Sunday read in any way, but it’s socially very critical and it gets you to think a bit, about crime, violence and how to “cure” such things or what can be socially acceptable.


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