What photographs can tell you…

Last week I started a new project: Digitalizing and filing old photographs. My parents have tons of old slides that date back into the 70s, when my parents were teens. They are alphabetically and chronologically ordered and stored away in my parents study.

However, over time we’ve noticed a slight loss of quality, especially among the older slides. So my dad dug into the internet and found a guy who lends machines to digitalize slides. We registered and finally after a month-ling wait the machine arrived last week.

It’s not as big as I imagined it. And it really works some magic… You put the slides in stapels into the machine who then takes them and digitalizes them individually. Almost like with Photoshop you an edit the pictures, enlighten them or make them darker… The only slight disadvantage is that it takes reaaally long… About 30 photos per hour. Imagine the time involved when you have about 3000 slides that want to be digitalized…

Digging through all those photos I found real treasures. Some photos were just from some years ago during my “wild” teenager years ;-), others showed my grandparents and my parents when they were younger. All but a few pictures were taken by my dad and I deeply admire his ability to take photos. He should really have become a photographer. On most of the photos are people, family and friends and they never stand still. They didn’t stop what they were doing to have the photo taken, but are just caught in action. This reminds me a lot of the pictures in Harry Potter, that actually move, like in a video.

For example, just take this picture of me when I was around 16. We were sitting on our terrace one afternoon in summer and my dad just took his camera to shoot some photos…

My brother, me and some friends were playing games, enjoying ourselves while my dad would walk around the table shooting photos. This is one he took of me. I didn’t even notice he was taking the photo. And still, you can catch so many true emotions looking at the picture: I was truly amused by something, enjoying the time and highly concentrated on the game.

Or this photo, which was taken last summer.

We were at my uncle’s birthday sitting in the garden. This sime I knew my dad was taking pictures and when he took this one I was quite sure I was the object, so I kind of “froze” in my action, looking at my little cousin sitting across the table painting… Do you notice the look on my face?! This lightly amused Look? There are tons of pictures of me with exactly this look. It seems to be one of my favorites… And displays so much of my personality – how much I love to smile and never to think negative… Do you think that one can get glimpses of a person’s character/personality on a photograph? Do you have a favorite photo?

Oh, I could show you tons of photos… I also found some nice panoramics that I plan to use as header to this blog…

Thanks for reading. I’ll be “offline” for the rest of this week and the beginning of next, because of Easter. Have a wonderful time with your families and friends…


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