I’ve been to Paris more than once and I’d always go again.

This is another post from my old blog. The photos are from the last time I was there which is now more or less two years. It was a kind of get-away for my boyfriend and me after we had successfully lived through months of absence due to our exchange semesters from university.

If you ask me, spring is the perfect time to go to Paris. It’s not too warm, but the weather is nice and you’re likely to get a lot of sunny days…

It was just lovely. We stayed in a tiny, typically French Hotel in Montmartre, only around the corner from Sacre Coeur.

I could give a lot of historical information (like I normally do), but I don’t feel like this today. So I’ll rather tell you about the impressions and memories I got of this city.

The first time I stood in front of Sacre Coeur it was summer, 30° C in the shadows and my legs were aching after having walked up all the hill. The place was bustling with people and it felt more like a fair than the front of a church. The last time, it was early spring, standing in front of the church was just wonderful. There were a lot of people, too, but not quite as many. The sun was shining, warming the skin and one could here the birds singing. And one had a wonderful outlook on the city. We came back in the evening after the sun had set down and again enjoyed the wonderful view:

Strolling around the quarter of Montmartre we found so many nice and sometimes famous places. I could have walked there forever.

But, of course, we also visited all the other points of interest, like the Eiffel Tower, The Arc de Triomphe, Moulin Rouge and the church of Notre Dame:

Actually, this picture of the Eiffel Tower was taken from the top of the Arc de Triomphe. We were very lucky, because the weather was just sucking that first day. It was very windy and there were heavy showers every one or two hours. So we would “jump” from one of the sights to the next, always hoping we wouldn’t get too wet. 😉

We also climbed up the Eiffel Tower. Yes, we climbed. As I’m terribly afraid of height, I prefer to go up at my own pace instead of being catapulted into the air by an elevator.

You can only walk up to the first platform, but already the outlook from there is great. At least, if you’re having nice weather. You can go to the top with an elevator, but I wouldn’t recommend it on a windy day, because it tends to “swing” up there…

From the Eiffel Tower we continued our tour to the Dome of the Invalides a mixture between a church and a mausoleom for Napoleon.

It’s, well, impressive. The high dome and in the middle is this incredible large casket of Napoleon.

Our tour also led us the the Tuilleries, a great park in the middle of the city, close to the Louvre.

As you can see, we were luckier with the weather on the second day. We had sunshine all day long… I think the following picture was just around the corner from the Centre Georges Pompidou. If not, I’m sure, my boyfriend will leave a comment here and tell us where exactly we took this picture. He’s so much better in orientation and I LOVE him for that… 😉 And the other one shows the church of Notre Dame.

We also went to the curch where “The da Vinci” code was filmed.

Funnily enough, this was the first movie we watched together when we were seeing each other…

We also went to see the Pantheon and the Sorbonne University that day, Unfortunately, the French government is so much afraid of terrorists, that only certified people, i.e. students and professors of the Sorbonne, are allowed to enter the buildings… So we just took a picture of the beautiful facade.

The Pantheon from the outside and the Foucault Pendulum in the inside.

One day, we did a tour of the old passages. This was like jumping back in time.

One night we walked all through the city and took pictures of the sights by night.

When we were standing on the place of the Arc de Triomphe a really funny thing happened.

It was rush hour and my boyfriend was taking pictures of about everything. He just loves the night shot and so he played with that while I was watching the traffic rushing around the Arc.

This is one the largest round-abouts, but with one special feature. Those cars coming from the streets into the round-about have right of way. Everybody who has ever been to France knows HOW French people drive. So I was standing there, watching the traffic when suddenly a bus pulled out from one of the streets into the middle of the round-about (which actually has three or four ways…). It was standing across the WHOLE round-about. My only thought was “On my gosh, now there’s going to be a huge accident”. But no, all the cars in the round-about slammed on the brakes and stopped literally just centimeters from the bus. There was not ONE scratch.

I couldn’t believe it. And still whenever I think of this event I just have to shake my head in disbelieval. It was right like a picture out of a comic. I must have been talking loud that moment, because I was so shocked. And my boyfriend had to stop taking pictures, because he was laughing so hard…

Yes, Arc de Triomphe, I’ll truly never forget you again. Like I’ll never forget this trip to Paris. It was just wonderful. Nothing more to say…

Thanks for sticking to me for this long post. I’m sorry, but thanks again if you’ve stuck through so long. There are even more pictures on flickr and you can get there by klicking on any of the above photos…


One thought on “Paris

  1. I’ve been in Paris only one time and after climbing the hill from Sacre Coeur my legs were shaking nonstop. It is very tiring but worth it, like almost everything I’ve seen there.

    The traffic problem is the worst part. You can stay at a roundabout a lot of time.. Anyway I love the city.

    – Laura

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