Springtime Dekor

It’s springtime all over the Northern Hemisphere. One can almost feel everybody vibrating, not able to wait until the weather gets warmer…

Actually, here in Germany, we’ve enjoyed some really nice days with temperatures around 15°C. I took this pics on Thursday because the sun was shining so nicely getting crocus and snowdrops to finally come out…

Seeing those wonderful flowers reminded me of one of my favorite ones: Primroses. I think there is no spring flower that’s more beautiful than primroses. And thinking of those I just felt like getting myself some to decorate the house.


These two images are from Lemonade Makin’ Mama. She used the primroses for decorating her table, using just plain whites and painting the pots in the same color. I think it’s beautiful and very springlike! When I saw this, I just had to go to the gardener’s shop and buy some for decorating…

As I LOVE colors, I got myself some colored ones and left the pots in their original color. Now spring can come!


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