Snowboarding – Couldn’t I do this for a living?

I’m back. Well, physically speaking, at least. My head’s still somewhere on the slopes. And we had a really great time! The weather was wonderful – sun, sun, sun. We would’ve get really sunburnt if not for the sun lotion we packed.

Getting up on Saturday at 3.30 was pretty hard. Yes, even for me, though I’m really a morning person. But thankfully the stuff was already packed so I just had to get into my clothes and have breakfast. My dad had offered to drive us to the bus, so at 4.30  we fetched my friend and got to the bus station at around 5.00 am.

The bus was very punctual and on 5.10 we were on our road to Nauders, Austria.

It’s about a four-hour ride from my hometown and as there was no traffic on the roads we got there at around 9 am. We gathered our skiing/snowboarding gear and off we took up the mountain.

Though it was pretty sunny both days, there was a pretty cold wind on Saturday and we were lucky to get our hands on some warm tea during our afternoon break.

Nauders is a really nice skiing resort close to the Italian border. It’s perfect if you’re going for two days and has nice slopes that are not too difficult. So you can also go there with kids…

Like the rest of Austria they have suffered a winter with only little snowfall. So we were very surprised that they had less snow than we’re having at the moment. However, this added to a very nice spring-like atmosphere.

I was a bit sad to have to go on Sunday evening. Actually I was enjoying myself so much that I almost missed the bus ;-). But we already decided to go again next winter. In the meantime, if all other things fail I now know what I’d do for a living ;-).

And now it’s time for spring to get started… Weather forecast for this week are pretty confident…

PS: Of course, there’ll be another part of Ten on Tuesday later today…


3 thoughts on “Snowboarding – Couldn’t I do this for a living?

  1. how fun! I didn’t snowboard at all this yr but i want to get back into it. our local hills and whistler all got big dumpings of snow recently – ironically after the olympics are over!

    spring is here now though – i can’t wait

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