Friend Makin’ Monday

Some time ago, I found this cute little blog by Amber and I’ve been following her ever since. Every Monday she’s hosting “Friend Makin’ Monday” and I felt like participating. You can klick on the button above to get to her blog and also take part.

I am quite dissoriented at the moment.

I think that spring’s just around the corner.

I should really get done all the stuff on my desk.

I dream a lot, about many things.

I want the weather to get warmer, so I can have a picknick outside.

I know that this wish is still some time away.

I don’t like this mish-mash of weather when it’s not yet warm, but also no longer cold.

I smell already the springy air.

I hear the birds singing.

I fear I don’t fear anything.

I usually am happy when winter’s over, but this year I’m also a little sad.

I search for the perfect master-plan for life ;-).

I miss the sun. It’s essential to make me feel comfortable.

I always think about food.

I regret being so coutious and restrained so often.

I wonder what life will bring.

I crave for some hot chocolate. (I think I’ll get myself one after I’ve finished this post)

I remember when I was a kid I used to drink lots of hot chocolate.

I need more time in my week to get all things done.

I forget that the day only has 24 hours.

I feel a bit disoriented at the moment. My head’s still somewhere in the mountains, while my body is sitting here at my desk.

I can totally understand my head ๐Ÿ˜‰

I can’t believe that it’s already the middle of March and a quarter of this year is almost over.

I’m happy with my life.

I lose ? Can’t think of anything.

I sing a lot these days to the music on the radio.

I listen to Taylor Swift a lot lately. She’s my favourite singer at the moment.

I shop too much clothes, especially shoes. Need to get this under control.

I eat all the time.

I love my boyfriend.

Now head over to Amber and make your list and share some love…

PS: I’ve got another post for my World Cup Special in the line for later today. This time, it’s England…


7 thoughts on “Friend Makin’ Monday

  1. Nice to meet you today! I am addicted to shoes as well. I used to have 50+ pairs but have trimmed down some. Still, my husband wonders why I need so many. He just doesn’t get it!

    I’m looking forward to spring, too! ๐Ÿ™‚ Maybe if we both wish hard enough it’ll come faster!

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