My 101 in 1001 – No. 77: Get savings boxes

This post has taken me forever. I’m sorry. I bought them already in February, after a long search.

First I had thought about getting real savings boxes, but there was none that matched my expectations. I looked in the Internet and in all the shops I could think of, but NOTHING. So I thought about what else I could use as a savings box. That’s when I came up with an idea. Why not just take a box and decorate it? I thought about taking a shoe box, but these were all hilariously big. Would have looked really funny.

Then one day I came across some nice gift boxes. They had exactly the right size and were already nicely decorated. I couldn’t withstand and bought them immediately:

I decided to get two boxes and save the money separately… When I was putting the money finally in there, I thought I’d be nice to keep track of which 101’s I’d already achieved, so I labeled the money:

Yeah, I know, very creative ;-). But it helps to motivate. So, now whenever I need a little motivation I can open the boxes and read through the labels and get what I already achieved…


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