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When I was in France, we did not only visit St. Malo (read the post here). Another point of interest was the small medieval town Dinan. It’s also North of Rennes, but no longer at the coast. History can be traced back into the 11th century, but Historians believe that the city is much older. The fact, that it lies on the old commercial routes between St. Malo, Rennes and Paris has made it a strategically important city and it’s weight is visible until today.

Entering the city you feel like you’re back in the 14th century… There are timbered houses everywhere, narrow, winding streets… You can actually walk on the city wall for some way which gives you great views of the city and the surroundings.

I’d love to have a garden like this one day. Doesn’t it look great? With the different levels and all the old stone walls. They had a really nice part to cultivate vegetables and a wonderful herb garden (which unfortunately we didn’t photograph).

And the weather is even so nice that you can have palms in the garden! I LOVE palms, because they remind me of summer… It’s not possible to have them outside all year where I live, but that was just amazing. People there said, the mild climate comes from the Gulf stream which passes France right in front of the Bretagne.

I also loved their selection of colors… Of course, the city is still close to the sea, so the dominating color is blue. And – what a coincidence – blue is also my favorite color. So I just HAD TO take pictures of these two little french cottages. I think I’ll paint my house in this color one day… It’s so full of life and even the weather was (again) not very nice that day, the blue just made everything more happy…

This is the castle of Dinan. It’s not half as impressive as the one in St. Malo, but it’s still very nice. I think it was closed that day, because we didn’t go in. However, I thought I’d share the image…





And then again, like I mentioned, the city’s close to the sea, so they have their own little port. I love this picture. You can see the little sailing boats in the back of the picture and the old fishermen’s houses snuggling to the river. The city’s behind me now, but you can walk down to the port through the city and there are lots of nice cafés down there.

We also visited the church there. Which, for once, was open (not a mandatory thing in France, most churches are closed…).

I really liked this one. Though it was freezing cold in there, but I loved the illumination!





And, at last, the lovliest of all pictures: A DinanBus

This is the tiniest public transportation bus I’ve ever seen. I don’t know how many people can ride it at once, but I don’t think many. It runs only with electric power, using some technology to recharge the batteries when the bus is going downhill.

Don’t you think this is really cute? Unfortunately we didn’t have time to take a ride in it, so we just took this photograph…

If you ask me, we had a wonderful day there. I’d recommend going when the weather is nice, i.e. in late spring or summer. But make sure to go there. It’s definitely worth a visit…

Thanks for reading.


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