I’ve been pretty down this last week. On Tuesday, my nose started running and I could barely keep pace ;-). So I decided it was time to go offline and recover. Fortunately, I had some posts waiting to be published, so I thought my being absent wouldn’t be notice too much. By the way, did this work?

Over the weekend I felt a bit refreshed so I switched on my computer in anticipation to get back to blogging and – nothing. Absolutely nothing. I read all the posts I had missed these past days and commented on some, but I couldn’t come up with a topic myself.

And neither did WordPress, because when I pressed the “Add new post” button and didn’t enter the title immediately this is what WordPress named my post: 718 718? What’s that? I sounds like a number for the lottery or when you’re standing in line in a post office. Do you know these machines? Where you have to pull a number to be served? Normally, you pull a number and then you think “Oh, no, still 5 customers to wait!” and in the end it turns out that three of those number before you were just pulled, but nobody seems to claim to be served and you move to the front very fast…

Now, well, back to what I was to write about. Like I said, I couldn’t come up with a topic. So I switched off my computer again, feeling very frustrated. And whenever I don’t feel like doing anything, being down, I read a book. Actually, I read two books, in two days. Nothing literary important, just some love story/thriller stuff. But then again I felt better… Isn’t it amazing that sometimes your body and soul need some time for themselves and then they just take it?!

And I can’t describe you how much refreshed I felt. I didn’t know what to do first. There were tons of thoughts on my mind, ideas and inspirations… I wrote all of them down and now I’m back at it. I’ve got some really interesting projects coming and I can’t wait to start. But now, I’ve really got to hurry… Going to the movies tonight to watch Percy and the Olympians. See you around…


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