Me and Mr. Darcy

I found this book some time ago, when I was browsing my favourite bookstore. I hadn’t been looking for anything specific, but as always I could have bought the whole bookstore… That’s why it’s my favourite store. However, I decided only to spend my money on two books this time, the Jamie Oliver cookbook and this one: Me and Mr. Darcy, by Alexandra Potter.

Me and Mr. Darcy is a nice story to spend reading huddled against the fireplace. It’s the story about Emily Albright, a 29-year old girl from New York who spends her Christmas Holidays on a literary vacation in England – the home of Jane Austen.

On her journey around all the historical sites where Jane Austen’s novels take place she happens to meet the real Mr. Darcy from the books. At first, Emily thinks he’s an actor who perfectly plays his role, but slowly it turns out, that he really is Mr. Darcy.

And then there is Spike Hargreaves, a journalist who accompanies the group to write an article about what is so special about Mr. Darcy. He’s the total opposite of the character he’s researching about, but seems to be drawn towards Emily, too.

Having been disappointed a lot by men in the past Emily yearns for her Mr. Darcy. But whom should she choose – the fictional or the real one?!

If you like Jane Austen, than you’ll like this book, too. It’s a quick read, nothing deep, but helplessly romantic and it has really funny elements. Alexandra Potter even cites from Austen’s Pride and Prejudice and combines the elements of the novel with the plot…


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