When I started this blog last year it was for a different reason than my last blog – that was mainly to keep all my friends and family informed while I was abroad. Like I mentioned in one of my early posts, I wasn’t very successful with that.

However, I love blogging and being a very outgoing person I felt that having a blog to share my thoughts, ideas and exchange opinions with other people all around the world was just an incredible thing. I still think so and having expierenced the support has made this feeling even stronger.

So this blog’s content isn’t clearly designed for a certain group of people who know me, but to all the people who are interested. At the beginning, I was a bit shy and didn’t promote my blog very much. I didn’t even tell my friends about it, because I thought they wouldn’t be interested. However, lately I’ve been a bit more offensive, posting links on my Facebook profile and anhancing it to Emails.  I didn’t think that anybody would really notice.

On the contrary – the feedback I’ve been getting ever since has been incredible. It seems that lots of my friends followed the links on my profile thinking that I was linking someone else’s blog. They were really surprised to find out that it was my blog. (Yeah, a German girl blogging in English seems a bit strange ;-)) There were even some people I haven’t been talking to in a long time, like Lene, who wrote some lovely comments and I was just so happy to hear from her again.

And I have to admit, the personal support I’ve been getting has just added to the fun I’m already having writing this blog. I would never have thought that this was possible, but it is. Perhaps that’s something you already know as much of you keep their blog to keep family and friends updated, but that wasn’t my first point. In any ways I like it, because in the end that’s what it comes down to, doesn’t it?

Friends – personally or bloggy-friends – and Family. They are the ones who keep you going, the ones who motivate and the ones to support.


3 thoughts on “Friends

  1. I just love to drop bye and read what you´re doing. In Salamanca I remember that you were talking about a blog, but I admit I did not read it. But then, a link to this blog just poped up on facebook 😉 and I just love it.

    Keep on exploring and writing!

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