The early bird…

Have you been outside these last days? No?! Well, then it wasn’t as nice weather as we had here… Yes, I’m proud to announce that we got first glimpses of spring… Of course, everything is still covered in snow (actually you can see some in the background and it takes at least a week or so to get it all melted and this is very unlikely  due to the weather forecast who says it will be snowing this weekend), but still, walking in the sun and listening to the birds singing there is no chance of overseeing the first heralds of spring…

So I couldn’t help myself and got my camera to take some pics… I just love the orchids we’re having all around our house. I think if I move out, I’ll get myself a whole bunch of them.

And then standing in the kitchen and preparing lunch this crystal we have hanging in the kitchen window was sparkling all over…


3 thoughts on “The early bird…

  1. gorgeous flowers. wow i can’t believe in germany you are also seeing an early spring. here in vancouver, we’ve had wonderfully warm weather (not great for the winter olympics but we’re loving it) and no rain. It’s a great time to enjoy all the festivities in the city without the rain

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