Random Tuesday Thoughts (4)

Those who want to may, those who don’t must.

I read this proverb in this week’s newspaper. I hope it didn’t lose too much when on its translation from German to English, because reading this proverb struck me like it hasn’t in a long time!

I think it’s one of those sayings that bring everything down to the point. Those who want – that is the people who want to do or achieve a certain thing don’t have a feeling of obligation, the feel free to do so, they think that they may/are allowed to do this. On the other hand you got the people who don’t – who don’t want to do this or that. They feel like they are pushed into doing something they would never have done freely, they feel like they have to/must do that thing.

In my opinion that brings down everything that is to say about motivation and obligation. Haven’t you made the experience, too, that when you’re motivated about doing something that everything just happens very easily however difficult or hard it will be. And on the other hand, how tiring and terrible a task – even a quite simple one – can be when you don’t like doing it?!

I think I’m going to add this to my most favourite proverbs and whenever I don’t feel like doing something I’ll look it up… perhaps that’s gonna help me motivate myself!


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