No. 29 of 101 – Read the bible through once

I thought about putting this off for, at least, the next few months, but then I was afraid I’d never end up reading one single page of the bible and I got really afraid, that I wouldn’t be able to make my 101 in 1001. Yeah, I’m really ambitious, about achieving as much as possible. Of course, there are some points that are clearly more like “failed”, but still.

I’ve never been a religious person. To be honest, God and I got a really bad start. I’d been pretty neutral concerning religion until I got to High School. I wasn’t that eager on going to church, but eventually I’d go with my grandparents and for the high religious holidays. Then, when I got to 7th grade I had this really old teacher in Religious Education. We had to learn all kinds of prayers in Latin and this would be tested in exams. It was like hell and after one year I quit and went to Philosophy instead. So that was that.

When I got to university I met my boyfriend who is the total opposite of me. All of his family are actively involved in their church community and that was the first time in years that I started to really think about what it means to believe in God and live after his rules. So I decided that I’d try to work out where I was standing and would start by reading the Bible.

For a start I decided to go to the bookstore (my favourite one) and get myself a copy. So I went to the store and straight to their “religion and spiritual books” section looking at the bibles they were offering. Huh – nothing that looked like it was worth reading. All the books were really intimidating, huge books with hardcovers and all kinds of religious symbols on their covers. I was really taken aback and left.

However, it kept me pondering for quite a few days, so I searched the internet. There is loads, I’ve got to say! Not a chance to get an overview of what’s offered and what’s good. If you enter bible into Google it says 96,500,000 hits – great. The US Amazon store offers ofer 220,000 hits and the German site still 34,000.

I searched for a bible study group in my local church, but didn’t find any information. And then, I didn’t want to read the bible in German (yeah, like I said once I sometimes feel more comfortable doing things in English).

And the luck hit me – it was pure chance that I klicked on the “What I’m reading” button on Angelia’s blog. I hadn’t been there for a long time and there it hit me: Book No. 1 she’s reading is the Bible – The Message Version. Sounded cool. So I researched a bit about what it was with this “Message Version”. Actually it’s just a bible, as you might say, but it’s been adapted and has introductions to every chapter in today’s language. That sounds good, doesn’t it?! And even better, I found “The Message – Remix 2.0”. Right, that sounds more like a book on a computer program what with the 2.0, but actually it’s a bible for young people. That convinced me. I went straight to Amazon and ordered a copy (the last of three available in Germany…) and just today it arrived. So here’s my super new message bible:

Yes, you’re seeing correctly it’s a wonderful girlie pink! So, wouldn’t you like to read the bible when it’s coming in this outfit?!


2 thoughts on “No. 29 of 101 – Read the bible through once

  1. Wow, this is GREAT! I think you will love The Message and how it reads.

    I have really loved reading some Children’s Bibles to understand better too. I’m like you. I did not grow up with stories of the Bible or religion.

    In the last four years is when I started seeking out religion and the Bible.

    So cool that it’s pink!

  2. I’ve read the Bible through so many times for school in college (history being my degree). I was taught to see the history in it as well as the philosophical side to it. I actually grew up Norse (gods and goddesses), but once I hit college–instead of the typical switch to atheism–I turned Christian…ish. LOL. Which to me means that I believe in just one God now. All those gods I grew up with just didn’t make any sense when I got older, LOL. Really cool goal though 🙂

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