Making it 100…

While I was organizing my blog entries recently I became aware that I’d soon post my 100th entry. I was so busy with blogging I missed my 50th post, so I decided I’d make the 100th something special.

Not that I’d know any special topic I’d like to talk about today, but I’d like to take the chance to thank all of my daily, weekly, regular readers who support me with their lovely comments. I would’ve stopped blogging long ago without your support. So that’s only for you:

Reading through the posts I’ve put online I realised that I have changed a bit about the time. Not much, but e.g. I haven’t been blogging about music or cooking/baking for some time now. That will definitely change during the next few weeks and months as I have some blog posts waiting to come online about the cooking experiments (remember 2010 is going to be my year of cooking).

And I haven’t even posted half of the “old” entries from my former blog about all my travels through Europe. I hope that I’ll have some time left to post one or two each month… Because there are a lot of great pics and stories to be told.

Then there’s this whole 101 in 1001 stuff. I’m still highly motivated and trying hard to get through the list. I’m sure you’ll want to be updated on this, too…

There will sure also be some posts about what’s going on here in Germany. We’ve got Carnival and the European Handball Championship in January and February. Then there’ll be the Easter celebrations in April and springtime in general which is lovely here…

As you see there will be plenty to talk about. But I’d also like to cover any topics you’re interested in. Would you like me to cover anything else that I’ve not mentioned before?! Just leave a comment and I’ll be happily talking about everything else you’re interested in!!!

Thanks again for your loyalty, for reading and for your comments.


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