Snowboarding – the last day

Oh I’m so sorry for all those who came to my blog yesterday expecting the new post about my snowboarding adventure, but only found an empty post… Some things got out of control and the post published itself without me having finished it… But here it goes:

The last day was – well there are no ways to describe it. Though we had quite “bad” weather – it was snowing all day – compared to the last two times, we had loads of fun. Thanks to the weather there weren’t many people planning to go skiing/snowbaording on Saturday, so we got to Biberwier really early. I already posted the map the last time we went there, so I’m just linking the other post here.

Being only a small group of three “students” and one teacher we started straight away and went up the mountain. Yes, it was exactly the same mountain that I was afraid to go down the first time, so I was really nervous. In the end, it wasn’t that steep as I’d remembered it and it was absolutely no problem going down. After two downhills we gathered at the meeting-point for our race. As it was the last day of our course there was a race taking place. It was a slalom going down a third of the hill. All of our group did really fine. Of course, our goal was not to be really fast, but to go down without falling…

With the presentation ceremony far away in the late afternoon we spent the rest of the day exploring the slopes. After lunch all of the snowboarders (the beginners and the advanced group as well as our teachers) went up the hill together. We were also joined by some of the skiers… This was really fun, going down the hill with a group of about 15 people. Though I suspect that it was a bit intimidating for the other people on the slopes (not that there were many, due to the weather as I mentioned before).

Around four o’clock we all had to get back to the coaches for the après-ski party and the presentation ceremony. We had Bratwurstel and punch and warm apple juice. All courses got a medal and a certificate. We even got a SNOWBOARDING medal.

I think this was a really nice idea. If the weather would have been nicer we sure would’ve stayed a little longer, but it was getting cold, so we got into the coaches and off we went.

I’m really sad that this was the last day, but I’m determined to go snowboarding at least once more this winter. Before the course I wasn’t sure if it would suit me, but I have to admit it’s absolutely addicitve! So tick off No. of my 101 in 1001. I’ve found a new sport that I just love and will start to practice regularly (though with the restriction that it has to be winter ;-)).


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