No. 47 – Watch 25 movies off the AFI 100 movies in 100 years list

I love movies. You have certainly noticed this as I’ve already posted more than once about movies I’ve seen or want to watch. Going to the cinema to watch a Romantic Comedy is easy, but getting to watch 25 movies out of the AFI 100 is tougher. Especially with high expectations like I have. I don’t want to just watch 25 movies, but I want to enjoy the movies! And I don’t want to watch Titanic for the xth time… So, reading the list I came up with the following collection:


1. Lawrence of Arabia
2. Gone with the wind
3. The 10 Commandements


4. City Lights
5. It happened one night
6. Roman Holiday
7. Monstruck


8. The Hustler
9. The Pride of the Yankees
10. Breaking away


11. A Clockwork Orange
12. Back to the Future
13. Star Wars Episode IV


14. It’s a wonderful life
15. Miracle on 34th Street
16. Big


17. Toy Story
18. Cinderelly
19. Snow White and the 7 dwarves

That’s it. Yes I know it’s short of six movies, but I couldn’t decide on any other movie. Did you see any of the other movies on the AFI 100 list you can recommend watching?!


2 thoughts on “No. 47 – Watch 25 movies off the AFI 100 movies in 100 years list

  1. Well, I’ve seen 12 of the movies you’ve listed and liked probably half of those. I love movies too – although it seems harder and harder for me to actually find ones to watch that end up being really good.

    p.s. Welcome to the SITS community!

  2. Good list, I should write mine down too.

    Welcome to SITS, it’s great to have you.

    I’m hosting a giveaway for a free YOU PICK pair of eyeglasses with your single vision prescription. FREE, I know…how cool. Come on over.

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