Random Tuesday Thoughts (2)


I know I’ve been a bit quiet over the weekend, due to lots of tasks waiting on my desk, but still I’ve managed to write a short post for my RTT collection:

Do you have a nickname? Well, I have several. One of them -Deia- was the inspiration for naming my blog. My Christian name is Andrea. It’s a rather old fashioned name in Germany. The origins are Greek and could be interpreted as meaning “brave, manful”. Actually, it’s only a girl’s name in German-speaking countries. In Italy, e.g. it’s a boy’s name. This caused a lot of confusion during my exchanges to Italy…

If I introduce myself to a group, I normally always use my full name. I hated to be referred to with one of my nicknames when I was in school. However, my friends and family tend to use other names.

My parents call me Molly. Nobody knows how they came up with this name. They only say that as a baby, I was the total opposite from “mollig” which means plump, so there could be no connection to my physical appareance. Anyway, I quite like this name, but nobody else than my parents was or is allowed to call me like this. My brother has his own name for me: Andi. This is also how some of my closest friends call me, but that makes it only three or four people calling me like that. At school, I yet had another nickname: Linda, which was derived from my last name. This led to more than one confusion when we had substitute teachers or on the school yard. Some years ago I got the name I’m using here: Deia or Deiala. I was on a language course in Italy. We were a group of five girls and one day, one of the girls told me that she has another friend called Andrea who they’re calling Deia. So they started calling me Deia, too. Sometimes also using Deiala as a form of minimization (I’m only 5′ 4”). I didn’t mind, because, aside from Molly this is my favorite nickname. When I was looking for a name to call my blog, I came up with Deiala immediately, as this blog is about me and my interests.

Lately, however, I’ve wondered if there exists a connection between the name a person has and his/her character/personality and if it’s possible that one person can have several nicknames and still be the same person or if having different names can influence the way you behave with the people who use different names. E.g., might it be possible that I’m more patient when I’m around people who call me Molly or more adventurous around people who call me Deia. I don’t know, but it would be interesting to research, don’t cou think?!


6 thoughts on “Random Tuesday Thoughts (2)

  1. That’s very interesting! I wondered about your name, but didn’t want to ask. Some people don’t use their real names online. I am Angie, Ange, and Angelia. Definitely feel younger when called Angie. Growing up that was my nickname. 🙂

  2. Thank you so so much for the award and the comment on my blog!!! I’m sorry for the late reply. Things have been a little hectic 🙂 I can’t believe you read my whole blog. haha 🙂
    Anyway, thank you so much again and have a terrific Tuesday!!!!!!!!

  3. Thanks for your comments!

    @ Angelia: It seems, I sensed the curiosity… so now, the mystery is solved 😉

    @ Tinka: You’re welcome. I hope you’re having a great time over in the States!

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