The Rebound – The return of Catherine Zeta-Jones

Do you like Catherine Zeta-Jones?! Well, then this is the movie for you. I don’t know if it’s already been in cinemas in the US, but it just got out here in Europe.

The last movies I remember Catherine did were the Zorro collection – and those were absolutely funny! I loved them. So, when I went to the theater with some friends last week we decided to try this movie – and it was worth it. Catherine Zeta-Jones is back at her best…

The plot’s quite simple. It’s the story of SAHM Sandy whose husband is cheating on her. As a reaction she moves out and to New York where she gets a job at the TV channel SNN. She’s really successful, so she needs a full-time nanny: Aram (played by a really cute Justin Bartha), a 25 year old boy from the rich Upper East Side who doesn’t know what he wants for life. They get along quite well and finally end up having an affair/relationship. Everybody’s happy until they find out that Sandy might be pregnant – sorry to have to spoil the suspense – she is not, but it’s the point when Sandy decides to split up with Aram. One sees some years passing, Sandy getting her own TV show and Aram finding himself. By chance they meet again in a restaurant after all those years, but immediately bond again.

It’s a nice movie to watch with your love or with friends. I liked the fact, that though the topic is almost serious (the conflict of women having a younger boyfriend and what society thinks about this) the story is very light and never turns depressive. Also the soundtrack is very nice.

If you liked the trailer above, I can absolutely recommend (as happens with all the movies I post here) seeing it. Or did you already watch it?!


6 thoughts on “The Rebound – The return of Catherine Zeta-Jones

  1. Ohhh, that looks good. I do love her. I have not seen this advertised here, but then again I watch very little TV. The TV I do watch is recorded and we skip commercials! I miss out on a lot. 🙂

    I will definitely try to find it. 🙂

  2. I saw that online a while ago and must admit I had already forgotten I had seen it until I was half a minute into watching the preview. I did enjoy watching it though, one of those easy breezy chick flicks that are fun to watch once, not that memorable though.

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