The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries are on here in Germany… I know a little late since the series started in the US in September, but we’re grateful that it’s on now. So I used my chance to watch the first episodes… And I have to admit I liked it. Of course, one can clearly see that the main idea was taken from the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer, but still it’s nice entertainment for watching tv.

And with Paul Wesley they got a really good looking hunk for leading male role! I’d prefer him to Robert Pattinson, definitely ;-). Searching for information I found out that also the Vampire Diaries are based on books.

My opinion?! Twilight is much more romantic, while the Vampire Diaries are more like real life, tougher and much more cruel in some ways (with all those murders). The actors are even, while the main male lead is better in Vampire Diaries, Twilight has its wolf pack – an absolute plus :-). I’ll continue watching both vampire stories… but please, don’t ask me what makes them so appealing.


4 thoughts on “The Vampire Diaries

  1. I’ve seen all the episodes that are put in the US until now and I
    loved it you are only wrong on something actually the vampire diaries was written before twilight 😉 now I don’t remember exactly how many books I think 5 or 6

  2. Oh, ok I might have gotten that wrong or perhaps it turned out wrong in the German translation… I can’t wait for all the episodes… unfortunately they only air once a week…

  3. Yeah well at least in Germany they are showing them ! I live in Italy and here they don’t even know about the show! Lol belive me you’ll love this show it’s beautiful!

  4. I agree, it really is a nice show. I enjoy for pure fun and enjoyment during those lazy evenings when there is not that much to do, LOL. I do favor Twilight more as well, but these are nice too 🙂

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