Snowboarding – day 2

Wow! I did curves!!! And I did get down the hill without falling down!!! Can you believe it?! Me neither, but it’s true.

Yesterday was my second course day… We went to Oberjoch this time, which lies close to the German-Austrian border. It’s quite a nice area to go skiing, but the car park is really far from the slopes…

In any way, there were loads of people, due to the wonderful weather we had – the sun was shining all day and we got really warm in the afternoon. Apart from that we spent the day on the slopes. There was one slope for beginners that was about 800 m long going gently down. Absolutely PERFECT!

We would go up with a t-bar lift. Yes, we even managed to go two at a time, though we fell off the lift two or three times… And then slide down again… The two younger boys did incredible. They would accelerate and then speed down the hill with great curves.

Here I am going down the hill and waiting at the lift. Ain’t I looking really cool?! Oh, by the way, I noticed on the pic it looks like I’m regular on the board, but actually I’m goofey, so I suppose I was going backwards on the pic… Yeah, don’t talk about board-control 😉

As last week I had a great time, though I fell down twice very hard, but I’ll be ok by Wednesday (as I was last week) and I can’t wait for next Saturday to come…

Take care and have a nice Sunday…


6 thoughts on “Snowboarding – day 2

  1. Such beautiful photos! I lived in Alaska for ten years and never bothered to learn how to snowboard, I was too deathly afraid of breaking a leg. You’re so much braver than me! Keep having fun! Nice to meet you via SITS!

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