101 in 1001 – No. 69

I’ve officially registered for Stem Cell Donation! So tick off No. 69 of my 101!

When the package arrived some days ago, I was suddenly quite afraid! I don’t know why, but I was. So I left it lying on my night table where I could clearly see it. After two days I couldn’t hold my curiosity back so I opened it and read the information. Hell, there’s a lot of stuff they make you read, but it’s ok. They want to prevent being sued or anything – understandibly.

The process of registration is quite simple! They send two cotton buds. You take these two and put them into you mouth in order to collect cells. Additionally, you have to sign a consent form and that’s it! You take the enclosed envelope and send everything back. Within 4 weeks your stem cells will be analysed and you’ll get a confirmation.

Then you don’t have to do anything until they need your stem cells. Then there will be additional tests to make sure that you’re absolutely healthy etc… The extraction itself can be made in two ways: either by peripheral stem cell extraction or marrow extraction.

If you’re thinking about stem cell donation yourself, you can find information at www.marrow.org for the US or at www.dkms.de for Germany.


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