Ten on Tuesday (1)

Surfing through the Internet and reading my favourite blogs I came across Chelsea’s Ten on Tuesday. There are ten questions that you answer. I liked them so much that I decided to take a break from the RTT and do a ToT this week instead… So here we go.

1. Are there any movies that inspire you to bake/cook?

There was a movie some years ago called “Chocolat” starring Johnny Depp and Juliette Binoche about a woman who opened a chocolaterie. Watching this movie I really wanted to try making chocolate candies myself… And, of course, there’s Julie and Julia, but I haven’t seen that yet, so I can’t say that it inspired me to bake/cook.

2. What’s your favorite food blog and why?

I can’t think of a food blog – like in the sense of posts only about food. I love to go to Martha Stewart’s page if I’m looking for a certain recipe or inspiration, but you can’t call that a blog. And I love vancityallie’s posts about food. Sometimes she has quite exotic recipes and her photos are just incredible, looking at them you can almost taste the food. So I’d say that she’s my favourite blog when it comes to reading about food…

3. Who’s your favorite celebrity chef?

My favourite celebrity chef is Jamie Oliver! I’ve got two of his books already and I’m going to get myself his newest about American cuisine.

4. What’s your favorite kitchen tool?

My favourite kitchen tool?! That’s a tricky question. Hm, perhaps my muffin baking pan, because I love muffins. Or the big baking pans for making Brownies, because I love those as well…

5. When it comes to cooking/baking, what’s your specialty?

My specialty is Italian food. Definitely. Ask my boyfriend! There’s just nobody beating me at making a pizza or a lasagna!!! So, you should try my Italian recipes.

6. When in the kitchen, do you wear an apron, if so, any cute ones you’d like to share?

Ouch! Now you got me. I don’t wear aprons. Don’t ask me why. There are always two or three hanging in the kitchen, but I generally don’t wear them. Instead I’m angry with myself after finishing, because I’ve ruined another shirt/jeans. Perhaps I should start to wear one…

7. Is there anything that intimidates you when it comes to baking/cooking? (ex. Pie crust, yeast breads, sauces, etc…)

No and yes. I’d really like to try making a turkey for Thanksgiving (which we don’t have here, but anyway…) or a roast pork, but I’m afraid that it will come out really dry and basically inedible. So until now, when it comes to those, I’ve given the spoon to my boyfriend who’s a pro when it comes to roasting!

8. What’s the weirdest gadget in your kitchen?

The weirdest gadget?! Perhaps the machine for making home-made yogurt or the fact that we have two coffee machines in our kitchen, but I can’t think of anything really weird.

9. What’s your go-to music for cooking/baking?

I have various! When I’m baking Christmas cookies, I love Christmas music. We have this wonderful children’s choir in Germany and the have wonderful songs, traditional and “modern”. Apart from that, I mostly listen to the radio – mainly pop – or don’t have any music at all, because I wouldn’t understand anything with the kitchen machines running.

10. After several failures, what do you do to motivate yourself to get back in the kitchen to try again?

If I fail with a recipe I go back the next time and do something that I know I can do. And then I’ll try the recipe again that didn’t go well. I can be quite persistent at this and I’ll try it until it works!

So, now that I’ve put everything in the open it’s your turn…


2 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday (1)

  1. Sounds like you have quite a handle on the kitchen. I typically run screaming from it. 🙂 HA. Actually, I’ve gotten better in recent years. Wish I had your Italian cooking talent!!! YUMMMMM.

    I gave you an award on my special 100th blog post. I don’t know if you participate in those or not, either way, I wanted you to be recognized!

    🙂 Happy Tuesday!

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