Snowboarding – day 1

I can’t move! Not an inch. Even writing this makes my body ache…  Well, I shouldn’t complain, I watched my brother come home from his course two weeks ago and everybody I talked to told me I wouldn’t be able to move. Anyway I’ll stop complaining this very second and take all pains and bruises ever again, because I had soooo much fun yesterday, I can barely wait for next weekend.

After having contemplated about doing a snowboarding course for about three years, I decided it was time this winter and registered for a four-day snowboarding course at our local skiing club. So yesterday and for the next few saturdays I’ll be in the hills…

We started right at six thirty in the morning towards Biberwier, Austria.

We got there at about 9 o’clock and were put into our groups. Luckily, ours was quite small – only five people plus our teacher. Then, it was time to hit the piste.

We started with some really nice warm-up exercises which had us sweating pretty much within no time. One was like “Put your snowbards star-like and run in a circle jumping over the boards” – yippie!!! Afterwards we strapped ourselves onto our boards (only one foot – the one at the front – by the way where’s the front?!) and tried to run/slide up and down a five metre patch. I managed this without falling down once!!! I’m sooooo proud of myself.

Next we went up the hill a bit more, so we had about 30 metres of hill to slide down. Now, it was time to also strap the the second of our feet to the board. Man, this is nothing for people with claustrophobia! I – on the contrary – was happy as I didn’t have to manage a pair of skis plus their sticks… So, we had to slide down the mountain with our board parallel to the slope forwards and backwards. Down the hill, unstrap, walk up and slide down, again…

This sounds very boring, but it wasn’t. First of all, you’ve got to concentrate really hard not to fall down and to keep your board parallel, then you’ve got to look for other beginners around you and then you’re trying to remember what the teacher told you ;-). At least, I was quite busy and I felt I had this huge speech bubble above my head that said “basic position, bend the knies, lean to the right, keep straight, look for others, straighten up…”. There were also two boys (around the age of 10) who didn’t seem to have any problems, they put on their boards and just started sliding without the slightest bit of a problem.

When we could slide, we learned how to brake – yes, actually, one can brake – in theory it’s quite simply you just shift your weight in direction fo the hill making one side of your board stick into the snow. Now, I know why skiers keep complaining about the snowboarders “ruining” the hill…

Right before lunch-time we took up speed practising “downhill” and curves. This is really tricky, because when you’re going downhill the board gets really fast and you have to remember to put your weight on the front foot and in order to brake you have to make a curve and put the board parallel to the hill. I suppose this was the part of the day that got me the most bruises. I kept falling down about every time I tried to slide down. But I didn’t mind – I knew it beforehand that snowboarding is hard, didn’t I?

In the afternoon, we continued on the little piste, using one of the small ski-lifts to get a little farther up the hill. Sometimes I got down managing two or three curves without falling over. Our teacher was so proud of us he decided to take us up the mountain for the big finale of the day. At this point, I have to admit that I’m a big coward. Standing at the top and looking down the hill, I became so frightened I turned around and went down the hill with the lift. Yes, I know it’s a shame, but my knees were shaking so hard, I didn’t want to risk breaking anything.

However, I had a great day and as I said before, I can’t wait to hit the snow again next Saturday, because I really have to try the big piste!!!

I’m sorry I don’t have any pics yet. I didn’t take my camera with me, yesterday, but I will next week! Thanks for reading and have a great Sunday!


2 thoughts on “Snowboarding – day 1

  1. I tried snowboarding for a few days but I didn’t have lessons. I found I could do the ‘falling leaf’ style of downhill but I had more trouble with doing it properly (with turns), and the most difficult bit was the flat sections.

    Good luck & enjoy!! 😀

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