My 101 in 1001

I got this from SoJo’s blog who started this in November. I thought it was quite a nice idea, given the fact (as they said) that New Year’s resolutions often turn nuts, because they only give you 365 days and each season once to get through all your resolutions.

So here we go:

Start date: January 5, 2010
End date: October, 2, 2012

Not yet started.
In progress.

  1. Travel to the US and Canada.
  2. Visit a country in Europe that I haven’t been to yet (other than Poland).
  3. Go to Poland and visit the area (around Worzlaw/Breslau) where my grandma was born.
  4. Do 3 hiking tours in the Alps.
  5. Have a girls vacation (at least, three days).
  6. Travel to the sea once.
  7. Start learning Chinese.
  8. Finish my Business Administration degree.
  9. Get a full-time job after graduation.
  10. Get my own apartment.Β I hope to achieve this within this year!
  11. Decorate my apartment.
  12. Have a party in my apartment.
  13. Start a sport that I really like and practice regularly.
  14. Practice Yoga daily for at least 3 months in a row.
  15. Go running three times a week for 2 months in a row.
  16. Take part in a marathon/half marathon.
  17. Go swimming once a week for 2 months in a row.
  18. Get contact lenses.
  19. Wear make-up on workdays for two months in a row.
  20. Wear a skirt once a week.
  21. Buy a wedding dress.
  22. Get up at 6 am three weeks in a row.
  23. Try a different restaurant and type of cuisine, at least six times a year.
  24. Make a Top 50 list of my favorite recipes AND cook/bake them all.
  25. Live on organic and healthy food for one entire month.
  26. Try a new cheese every month.
  27. Have a candlelight dinner.
  28. Start up a garden (or balcony) and grow my own food.
  29. Read and study the bible through once.
  30. Go to church at least twice a month.
  31. Do a photography course.
  32. Learn how to knit properly.
  33. Knit three pairs of socks.
  34. Knit a sweater.
  35. Make a box (D-I-Y) to place all my jewelry in.
  36. Finish writing my book.
  37. Update my blog 4 times a week for one month.
  38. Make 18 Random-Tuesday-Thoughts posts.
  39. Make 18 Wordless Wednesday posts.
  40. Change the blog’s design (at least change the photo in the header) according to the season or at least four times a year.
  41. Go to the Botanic garden for the cherry blossoming.
  42. Have a picknick.
  43. Send 10 postcards, just for fun.
  44. Make a birthday list and send a card to everyone on the list.
  45. Read 25 books off the Time Top 100 List.
  46. Read and finish Ulysses.
  47. Watch 25 movies off the AFI 100 movies in 100 years list.
  48. Watch 25 movies in the theatre.
  49. Send 25 Christmas cards out on Dec. 1.
  50. Write a short year-in-review for the Christmas cards.
  51. Contact all 5 of my neighborhood friends from my childhood and go out together.
  52. Get all Christmas presents before December.
  53. Not fight with my brother for 4 weeks in a row.
  54. Go to a ballet show.
  55. Go to an opera.
  56. Go to five different museums, including arts.
  57. Go to a carnaval party.
  58. Go to the Octoberfest (Bavaria’s Beer festival).
  59. Play the piano twice a week for 3 months.
  60. Learn to play the guitar properly.
  61. Start singing in a choir.
  62. Go to a karaoke.
  63. Sleep outside.
  64. Compliment 10 people.
  65. Clean out my closet thoroughly and donate the clothes I don’t need.
  66. Complete a no spend month each year (which means 2010, 2011, 2012).
  67. Unplug for a long weekend (from Thursday, 00.00 am to Sunday 12.00 pm)
  68. Donate blood.
  69. Register for stem cell donation.
  70. Find out 100 things that make me happy.
  71. Become the godparent of a child in a developing country.
  72. Make a scrapbook of my 101 things.
  73. Make a new 101 list.
  74. Save 10% of my monthly income.
  75. Save 10 € for each goal achieved.
  76. Donate 10 € for each goal achieved.
  77. Get two savings boxes for the money I save and the donation money.

7 thoughts on “My 101 in 1001

  1. I love your list – full of good things πŸ™‚ Getting around to wearing skirts (I do own some!) and makeup (ditto) is something I could do with… many of your others are on my ‘in progress’ radar πŸ™‚

  2. Love the idea of making this list . . . and if you finish Ulysses, I will TRY to make my way through War and Peace, which has been the bane of my existence since I was in graduate school. I could NOT get through it, and ended up having to rely on the Cliffs Notes version for my M.A. examination. How embarrassing is that!?

  3. Heihei and thanks for your comments. I’ll keep you updated on my progress…

    @ Vesper: I’ve been collecting ideas for some days and as you can see I didn’t come up with 101 things neither πŸ™‚
    @ Caroline: I read “A portrait of the artist as a young man” some time ago, but I’ve wanted to read Ulysses ever since I stumbled across the book in my childhood (I was impressed by the size of the book…)

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