2010 – the year of cooking

I’ve decided to start something new with next year. No, not to start cooking, I’m already doing this, but I have tons of cooking books from all over the world standing idle on my bookshelf. I love to read them, but I haven’t tried very much. So as a motivation I decided to give a motto to each year beginning with 2010. I’ll either choose something that I enjoy doing, but can’t find enough time for or I’ll try something completely new.

To start with, I opted for something that I know I enjoy: therefore, 2010 will be the year of cooking.

Here’s a selection of the books and recipes that I’ll use:

  • The Naked Chef by Jamie Oliver:
    I’ll definitely do more out of this book, like the Foccaccia (a kind of bread from Italy) or pizza, but so you get an idea.

    • Starters:
      • Chickpea leek soup
      • Tomato paprika soup
      • Beetroot salad
    • Main dishes:
      • Farfalle with artichokes
      • Trouts with thyme (and potatoes)
      • Lamb with Chili, ginger chickpeas and couscous
    • Sweets and Desserts:
      • Semi-freddo
      • Pudding
      • Lemon tarte
  • The Best of the Best from Ohio:
    We got this book some years ago from the exchange student who lived with us for some months. It’s been sitting on the shelf without being looked at for quite some time now, but scrolling through it I discovered a lot of nice recipes, like the ones above. Again, this is only a small collection of what I’ll do.

    • Drinks:
      • Hot Peppermint Chocolate
      • Punch
      • Lemonade
    • Main dishes:
      • German Sauerkraut Pita
      • Chicken Parmesan
      • Mini Ham Loaves
    • Sweets and bread:
      • Buttermilk Scones
      • Mon Ami Oreo Cookie Cheesecake
      • Chocolate Raspberry Torte
  • Enjoy Cooking – Vegetarian recipes
    I got this book from my aunt who knows that I’m vegetarian. They have lots of lovely stuff in there that looks fabulous and is really easy to prepare.

    • Starters/Salads:
      • Beetrroot talers with dip
      • Mixed aubergine
      • Couscous salad
    • Main dishes:
      • Bread dumplings with mushrooms
      • Pumpkin with curry
      • Shepherd’s pie
    • Sweets and Desserts:
      • Apricot dumplings with bread crumps
      • Pancakes with apples and nuts
      • Stuffed rolls
  • New cooking library – Salads
    This is a fantastic book only about salads. You’d never imagine that there are as many possibilities, so here’s a small excerpt:

    • Spicy cheese salad
    • Rucola salad with parmesan
    • Tortellini salad
    • Potato salad
    • American salad
    • Caprese (Tomato cheese salad)
    • Greek farmer’s salad
    • Salad with meat balls
    • Chicken salad
    • Exotic Fruit salad
    • Melon salad
  • Culinaria USA
    Culinaria USA is more a journey through the American kitchen than a recipe book. It does not only offer recipes, but tells also the story around the ingredients and how the recipe was developed. I don’t know if these are typically American, but I’m sure you can?!

    • Bagels
    • Challah
    • Funnel cakes
    • Crab cakes
    • Hershey’s Best Browniew
    • Macaroni and Cheese
    • Buttermilk Biscuits
    • Alligator Sauce Piquante Mix
    • Macque Coux
    • Chuckwagon Macaroni
    • Baked apples
  • Recipes for your GLYX – diet
    • Starters:
      • Spring soup
      • Citron – leek- coup
      • Paprika soup with curry
    • Main dishes:
      • Paella (vegetarian)
      • Spaghetti with walnut sauce
      • Celery-shrimp pan
    • Sweets and Desserts
      • Strawberry cream
      • Buttermilk mousse with raspberries
      • Mango with Coco cream
  • Basic Italian recipes
    • Starters
      • Grilled eggplant
      • Bruschetta
      • Ruccola Parmesan salad
    • Main dishes:
      • Pasta with Gorgonzola cheese
      • Crespelle (stuffed crepes)
      • Baked Fish
    • Sweets and Desserts:
      • Flan di caffè
      • Chocolate cake
      • Zabaione
  • Cynthia Bercomi’s baking recipes
    I don’t know if you know this lady. She’s American, but she lives in Germany.  I got her book for my birthday, so it’s brandnew… Scrolling through the pages I felt the urge to go to the oven and start immediately, so here goes my selection:

    • French Toast
    • Chocolate Hazelnut Scones
    • Beer Walnut Muffins
    • Potato Bread
    • Chocolate Chip Cookies
    • Monster Brownies
    • New York Cheesecake
    • Chocolate Espresso Cheesecake
  • That’s pretty much it. As I said in the beginning it’s just a small selection, but I’ll be happy to get through everything this year… Is there anything you especially like or anything else you’d like me to cover?!

    Thanks for reading and a Happy New Year!


    15 thoughts on “2010 – the year of cooking

    1. Oh cooking intimidates me!
      Thank goodness my husband enjoys cooking, so I don’t have to live on mac ‘n cheese!

      I have always loved to bake though, and this year I have resolved to spend more time cooking, and even bought myself a slow cooker and made a couple yummy meals in it!

      Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

    2. I just started on my own cooking adventure. On Saturdays, I cook for my husband, who usually does all the cooking. Last time it was Moujadara (which you might like, it is vegetarian). This time, I am going to make Chicken Curry Masala with rice and garlic naan. I have 1000 Indian Recipes that I have been dying to try!

    3. Visiting from SITS!

      Have fun with your cookbooks! I’m blogging through Simply in Season a la Julie & Julia . . . but I have TONS more cookbooks on my shelves. Hopefully I’ll still like to cook when I’m done with the one I’m working through LOL.

    4. I love it! I’m an avid recipe junkie and will be interested to know what recipes you really liked.

      I’ve had a lot of success with Giada De Laurentiss’s cookbooks – in fact, I’m making her Chicken Piccata recipe for dinner tonight and it is truly to die for!

    5. Thanks again for your comments.
      Actually, I’ll be trying one or two of the recipes this week… And, of course, you’ll find the recipe, pics and my opinion here…

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