Run for your life – James Patterson

“Run for your life – a great slogan for life, because life’s always too short!”, my uncle said to me. Well, yes, he’s right. And so was Angelia recommending this book!

It’s a quick read, nothing highly intelectual, but a good story for reading on a winter evening in front of the fireplace. At least, that’s what I did. You might even want to read it, when you’ve got some free time, because I don’t think you’ll be able to put the book down, once you started reading.

The plot’s as simple as catching: A man, calling himself “the teacher” wants to teach New York a lesson by starting a killing spree through the city and Detective Bennett is charged with catching him. The run leads through the city getting the Detective ever so close to catching the guy, when in the end even his family gets involved and the game turns deadly for one…

I won’t tell you the end of the story! You’ve gotta read it yourself, but I highly recommend it!

Thanks for reading…


One thought on “Run for your life – James Patterson

  1. You reminded me that I finished this book last month! Finally!

    It was sooooo goood. I can’t believe what a nutcase that guy was. All of James Patterson’s books are very hard to put down. I am so glad you liked it! I really love the detective with all the children. He has wrote a few other stories with him as well. Good stuff!

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